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About NFC

Special Message from the NFC team regarding COVID-19:

Dear valued policyholder,


Due to the City of Dallas quarantine, we will not be available in the office to handle any phone calls.  We will, however, be able to help you if you send us an email regarding your policy services needs.

If you need help, PLEASE email us at info@nfclife.com.

Thank you for your understanding and we greatly appreciate your patience in this difficult time.



The NFC Team



NFC is an Employee benefit communication company that helps enhance the employer/employee relationship through what is called “Strategic Benefit Communication”.

Employers today are always looking for ways to retain their quality employees while remaining within the profit margin. Most employers who offer benefits do not have the time and or resources to communicate them in a way where the employee understands them much less appreciates all that’s done for them.

NFC has developed a process that gives a company the opportunity to have an extension of communication for their H.R. offices so that they may continue doing what they do best their business.

NFC is a leader in communication technology and process so our partners get the credit they deserve from their employee’s and keep the quality workforce they need.