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Company Solutions


A Cafeteria Plan is a written plan in which participating employees can select qualifying benefits from a “menu” of choices. The benefits resulting from a Cafeteria Plan are applicable to all businesses, both large and small. Accordingly , we offer our services of designing and implementing for companies of all types and sizes. Your plan can include all or any combination of the following:

  • Health Insurance Premiums (the employee’s portion) for Major Medical, Supplemental, cancer, dental, disability, heart attack, hospital indemnity, intensive care and vision.
  • Medical expenses not covered by insurance.
  • Adult and child care expenses.

Our Available Services

We are prepared to assist you in all aspects of establishing a Cafeteria Plan, including:

  • Designing and implementing customized plan for your company.
  • Introducing the plan to your employees.
  • Providing your employees with a brochure that answers the most commonly asked questions.

Plan Administration

We can provide total Plan Administration including the preparation of all summary reports through the use of our automated software. National Family Care Life is dedicated to the proper administration of your Cafeteria Plan under IRS guidelines. Our personnel have the expertise in this area, including “hands-on” experience from the Internal Revenue Service.